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Survey of Modern Streetcar Vehicles

Modern streetcar (tramway) vehicles are offered by a number of national and international suppliers, including those listed alphabetically below (all of these suppliers have modern rail vehicles of some type operating in North America). 

In 2011, the APTA Streetcar Subcommittee completed a Carbuilder Survey (the survey is now being updated for 2013). The carbuilders were asked to supply information on the modern streetcar products they currently offer to the North American market, and to answer technical questions that would assist the Subcommittee with its research. The information supplied for each vehicle has been compiled into a standardized "data sheet", accessible from the individual pages below. For the carbuilders which were not able to participate in the survey, the link will instead take you directly to their website. 

This research is presented for informational purposes only, the APTA Streetcar Subcommittee does not endorse or recommend any specific products.




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