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American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

APTA Streetcar Subcommittee main website

Community Streetcar Coalition

Light Rail Now website

Light Rail Transit Association (publishers of Tramways & Urban Transport)

NYC Subway Resources (comprehensive photo coverage of the world's rail transit systems)

Public Transport.NET (comprehensive photo coverage of European tramway systems)

PT Access- Public Transport Systems' Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Europe

Reconnecting America

Toronto Transit Commission- website covering new low-floor streetcars

Tramstore 21 Website on design and construction of tram depots (a.k.a. maintenance facilities)

Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP)

Transportation Research Board (TRB)

TRB Light Rail Transit Committee

Trams in France- Extensive photo coverage of French tramway systems

Urban Track Project-an EU funded research project which aims at the development of innovative track products to fit in a harmonised European market

UITP- International Association of Public Transport

UK Tram

VDV- Association of German Transport Companies


Useful Documents

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ADA Guidelines- Light Rail Vehicles & Systems

BOStrab (German Federal Regulations on the Construction and Operation of LRT Systems). Good reference, BOStrab is an oft-cited standard in the rail transit field outside of North America, although there are now many new superseding topic-specific EU standards. Link goes to the UK Office of Rail Regulation Tramway Technical Guidance page, with BOStrab and other docs.

Carbuilder Survey-5-5-11 Draft- A compilation of modern streetcar vehicle data submitted to the Subcommittee as part of the Carbuilder Survey.

Energy Recovery, "Ticket to Kyoto" Deliverable 1, March 2011. Useful summary of energy storage systems and their recent application to rail transit.

Dr. Harry Hondius- annual article on low-floor vehicle market, 2011 from Metro Report International.

Light Rail Thematic Network project website Extensive information on EU Light Rail research and design criteria

"Light Rail Transit, a State of the Art Review 1976" (a classic, includes an excellent primer on vehicles in Chapter 5)

"The Modern Tram in Europe" Excellent document from MVG Munich, link from Reconnecting America website

"How Shared Space Challenges Conventional Thinking about Transportation Design" good article on shared streets from Planitzen

"Proposed Program  for Standardization in the Field of Urban Rail Under Mandate M/486 Phase A". July, 2012. Detailed research on European standards applicable to tramway and other forms of urban rail. 

TCRP Report 2- Applicability of Low-Floor Light Rail Vehicles in North America

TCRP Report 114- Center Truck Performance on Low-Floor Light Rail Vehicles

TCRP Report 155- Track Design Handbook for Light Rail Transit. The long-awaited second edition of Report 57.

Trackway Infrastructure Guidelines for Light Rail Circulator Systems (pdf)

Tramways and Buses with a High Level of Service in France. Great paper from CERTU on French tramway practice.

Transit Industry Interface with International Standards TCRP J6 (48) 2004 (pdf) Background on evolution of international standards applicable to Rail Transit

UK Office of Rail Regulation Tramway Technical Guidance Notes (numerous useful documents)



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