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Modern Streetcar Vehicle Guideline-In April 2013, APTA released the approved document.  

Project Update Powerpoint June 2013- An updated progress briefing in Powerpoint form (pdf) prepared for the 2013 APTA Rail  Conference. Provides an overview of the issues covered in the Guideline document.  

Streetcar Operating Environments Research, draft revised 6/4/11- This document summarizes the Subcommittee's research into the differences between North American and EU / World operating environments for streetcars.





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Toronto 2012


Portland 2010


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Philadelphia 2010


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Portland 2012


Next Working Group Meeting:

Philadelphia PA, Sunday June 2, 2013 in conjunction with the APTA Rail Conference.

Previous Working Group Meetings:

Tucson, Arizona, Friday March 8, 2013 (with a trip to Phoenix on Saturday March 9). Subcommittee Winter business meeting. Click here for the revised agenda.

Salt Lake City, Utah, 11/11/12 The working group will meet at the joint APTA/TRB Light Rail / Streetcar Conference. This tri-annual conference is focused on light rail and streetcar and offers an impressive agenda of papers and sessions.

Toronto, Canada, 8/13-8/15/2012. A summer Subcommittee and working group meeting was held in Toronto on August 13-14, together with a program of technical tours focusing on 100% low-floor vehicle technology. An optional tour will visit the Bombardier assembly plant in Thunder Bay was held on August 15. Click here for the revised agenda and other details. 

6/3/2012- Dallas, Texas. The Working Group met in conjunction with the APTA Rail Transit Conference. Working group meeting (agenda). The main Streetcar Subcommittee meeting (agenda). 

1/13-14/2012- Portland, Oregon in conjunction with the Subcommittee's Winter meeting. The working group met on Friday 1-13. Saturday featured tours of the new Portland Streetcar maintenance facility expansion and Eastside extension, and a visit to United Streetcar's manufacturing facility. Click here for the revised agenda (1/3/12).

10/2/2011- New Orleans in conjunction with the APTA Expo and Annual Meeting. The Streetcar Subcommittee met from 1:00-2:30, followed directly by a meeting of the Guideline Document working group.

6/12/2011- Boston MA, in conjunction with the APTA Rail Transit Conference. Click here for the agenda.

1/19/2011- Charlotte, N.C. Click here for the draft meeting minutes.

12/17/2010- Philadelphia PA

6/6/2010- Vancouver BC, in conjunction with the APTA Rail Transit Conference.

9/27/2009- Seattle WA. Click here for the meeting minutes.



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